Connect Google Analytics to Data Pipelines

Learn how to connect Google Analytics to Data Pipelines.

There are two way to connect to your Google Analytics data. In this video we set up a connection by granting Data Pipelines read-only permission to access your Google Analytics account.

You can connect multiple accounts. This is useful where you have more than one Google account with each being able to access a different set of Google Analytics views.

Connecting with a Google Service Account

In addition to the above method, accessing your data using your own service account is also possible by following these steps:

  • If you haven't already, create a Google Service Account
  • Go to Actions -> Manage Keys -> Add Key
  • Create a JSON key and keep it safe and secure. You will need to paste this into the Credentials JSON field
  • Go to Google Analytics UI
  • Go to Admin -> View User Management -> Add Users
  • Enter the client email address from the service account (eg.
  • Select permission: Read & Analyze
  • Click Add

Once you have added a connection you will be able to query your GA data and view it in a tabular format. You can combine it with data from other sources and set up automated reporting.