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Data Pipelines
Connect, transform & automate data between your systemswithout the code

Powered by the lightning fast Apache Spark engine, Data Pipelines lets anyone build and automate data flows between cloud platforms, databases & even Google Sheets.

Helping Mainstream Data service their clients


Work with data from across your existing systems. Read from and write to cloud storage platforms and databases.


Our pipeline builder allows you to manipulate and combine multiple datasets simultaneously. The no code tools are based on SQL functions, making data transformation tasks effortless.


Our scheduler and API tools make automating your data processing easy. Handle simple data replications and migration jobs to complex ETL/ELT and analysis workflows with an intuitive user interface.

What makes Data Pipelines right for your business?

Fast processing

Powered by the open source distributed analytics engine, Apache Spark. No workload is too large.


See the output of your pipeline definition as you add operations step-by-step. The pipeline builder UI ensures the defined process is always valid.

Enables collaboration

Fully integrated with Google Sheets to deliver reports in a convenient, accessible format for everyone to share.

Combine data from different sources

Seamlessly integrates the most popular data sources in one pipeline (Amazon S3, DynamoDB, SQL databases, BigQuery, MongoDB, Google Analytics, etc...).

Fully managed

Save money on server costs with our serverless model while harnessing the power of distributed computing.


We're on hand 24/7 to help with systems and processes. We offer free onboarding for Processor package holders to get you up and running with your first pipeline.




  • 1 User per organisation
  • Unlimited Pipelines
  • Access all supported data connections
  • Scheduler Automation
  • 30 minutes free processing per month



  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Pipelines
  • 20 Hours of Processing
  • Scheduler & API Automation
  • Clone, Export & Import Pipelines
  • Premium Support

Additional processing at £1.66/hour



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