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Automate your ETL processes in a few clicks

Data Pipelines makes it easy to create distributed ETL processes from large datasets without in-depth knowledge of Apache Spark, the most popular Big Data analytics engine.

Easier reporting pipelines with one automated tool

Whether you’re a software developer, system or database administrator, or work in sales admin, Data Pipelines can save your business time and money in accessing those key insights. You can simply define and automate your reporting pipelines, using our intuitive UI - meaning there’s no coding skills needed.

If you have basic Excel skills, you’ll find Data Pipelines easy. It takes just a few clicks to define your pipeline. The handy inbuilt scheduler lets you run automated reports at specified times, and using the power of open source industry standard Apache Spark, rapidly outputs them in a variety of file formats and databases. You can deliver reports to Google Sheets, making analysis of your data more accessible, and collaboration across the business easier.

Our platform is completely free for a limited time, so sign up and start building data pipelines in minutes.

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Create and schedule a pipeline in under 3 minutes

What makes Data Pipelines right for your business?

Fast processing

Powered by the open source distributed analytics engine, Apache Spark. No workload is too large.


See the output of your pipeline definition as you add operations step-by-step. The pipeline builder UI ensures the defined process is always valid.

Enables collaboration

Fully integrated with Google Sheets to deliver reports in a convenient, accessible format for everyone to share.

Combine data from different sources

Seamlessly integrates the most popular data sources in one pipeline (Amazon S3, SQL database, Google Sheets).

Fully managed

Save money on server costs with our serverless model while harnessing the power of distributed computing.

System or database administrator? Data Pipelines is easy to use.
  • Create and schedule reporting pipelines.
  • Apache Spark engine saves time and money due to its speed and efficiency.
  • Outputs one concise report from multiple sources for your teams to analyse the data.
  • Delivers reports to Amazon S3, database or Google Sheets.
  • Frees up time to gain insights from your data.
Software Engineer? Data Pipelines will feel familiar.
  • Writing Spark code can be time consuming. You can think of Data Pipelines as a no-code front end to Apache Spark.
  • No learning curve. Each step in a pipeline corresponds to an SQL operation.
  • Combine data from various data sources such as Amazon S3, SQL database and Google Sheets.
  • Handles the most popular file formats (CSV, JSON, Orc, Parquet, Avro)
  • No need to configure and maintain Spark clusters.

Join the businesses using Data Pipelines for rapid processing

Optimising sales analytics in a few clicks

Business challenge

A website analytics platform collected URLs in CSV files stored in Amazon S3. However these files were too large to inspect in Excel on a single computer.


Analysts took just a few minutes to connect the data using Data Pipelines, and then view it using the graphical interface.
Reporting for mobile games developer

Business challenge

Micro transaction metadata belonging to a mobile games developer was stored in Parquet files on Amazon S3. The company needed several aggregated daily performance reports, but written to a MySQL database.


Using Data Pipelines, administrators connected their data to our platform in minutes. They could preview each step of the process before scheduling daily pipelines.
Maximising cost efficiencies with archive processing

Business challenge

Historical medical data was stored by a company on hard drives. They needed processing and migrating to Amazon S3. The company preferred to process the data in-house to save costs.


With Data Pipelines’ self-hosting option, the company’s data stored locally and in Amazon S3 was processed on the company's in-house infrastructure then data was then written to S3 buckets.

Our platform is completely free for a limited time, so sign up and start building data pipelines in minutes.

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